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Upper Back Pain

The team at Denton Chiropractic Center in Denton, TX, is dedicated to helping our patients restore a better quality of life. We offer comprehensive chiropractic care with proven treatments to help manage and relieve upper back pain. 


Chiropractic care can help you get the pain management needed to find relief. 

What Causes Upper Back Pain?

The upper back, known as the thoracic spine, brings stability to the body and protects vital bodily organs enclosed within the rib cage. Upper back pain can be brought on by prolonged periods of poor posture. In addition, an injury from sports, lifting, or a fall can also contribute to thoracic spine pain. 

The upper back is basically immobile because it's connected to the sternum on each side, forming the rib cage. If the upper back is painful, it can be a couple of reasons. Muscle strain or dysfunction in the joints. 

Muscular Strain

Our upper back muscles between the shoulder blades and behind the rib cage are susceptible to muscular strains. These strains can cause tightness to the affected area and become very painful because of overuse or injury. But, again, lack of conditioning and repetitive motion could be the culprit.

Dysfunction of Joints

This issue can be brought on suddenly by an injury or degeneration brought on by age. When this joint dysfunction happens, it can be excruciating. The pain usually feels like a sharp, burning pain in the upper back area. Chiropractic care can be helpful in pain management. 

Sometimes upper back pain can be due to a more serious underlying problem. For example, instability in the spine can adversely affect the nerves in the upper back and the spinal cord. Therefore, it is vital to seek immediate treatment from a chiropractor to alleviate the pain before it worsens. 

Symptoms could include a painful tingling radiating in the spine, abdomen, or chest.  They also include fever or chills, lack of coordination, headaches, and even trouble walking. These can be common after a significant injury such as a car accident or sports injury.

Our Denton Chiropractor Provides Relief from Upper Back Pain

If you're in the Denton, Texas, area and you're suffering from any form of back pain, especially in the upper back, contact Denton Chiropractic Center. We are dedicated to giving our patients the care they need to gain back a quality of life with pain and more unrestricted movement, giving them the freedom to live life to the fullest.  At Denton, we'd love to be here for you too. Call 940-566-3232 today.


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