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Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatica pain is a common, yet uncomfortable condition that affects many people. Finding ways to deal with sciatica pain without using powerful pain killers can be challenging. Your chiropractor at Denton Chiropractic Center serving Denton, TX, is here to help you deal with this challenging problem.


Those who experience sciatica know just how painful and debilitating it can be. Sciatica often starts in your lower back, but the pain never stops there. Sciatica will affect the hips and run down through the legs as well.  Sciatica can be caused by a variety of factors. Luckily there are treatment options which are both non-invasive and drug free. Chiropractic care has proven a wonderful treatment option for patients.

Where Is the Sciatic Nerve Located?

The nerve which causes Sciatica is called the sciatic nerve. This nerve splits down the bottom of your spinal column and runs through the buttocks area and then down the legs. This nerve is responsible for transmitting signals between the brain and the lower part of the body. Sciatica is caused when there is pressure placed on this nerve. When the pressure is present you will experience leg pain, numbness, or muscle weakness.

What Are Symptoms of Sciatica?

The most common symptoms are lower back pain which then radiates down the legs. This pain can also be manifested as weakness in your knees or even your feet. Many people also report sensations of numbness or tingling.

Can a Chiropractor Help with Sciatic Nerve Pain?

If the cause of sciatic pain is a vertebra out of alignment, then this can be corrected by spinal adjustment through chiropractic care. Spinal adjustment will help to reestablish the flow of information from the brain to the lower extremities. Another common cause of sciatica is a herniated disc. Through chiropractic care, your chiropractor can begin to move the herniated disc back into a healthy position to relieve the pain.

 When trauma to a muscle is the cause of sciatica, a chiropractor can help you to establish stretches and exercises which will bring the muscle back into healthy function and thus relieve your sciatica as well. Massage therapy is often utilized at our chiropractic clinic in order to relieve pain and stress.

If you would like to learn more about how to relieve your sciatica, please contact the friendly staff at Denton Chiropractic center serving Denton TX today. Our chiropractor serves Denton, Sanger, Krum, Ponder, Justin, Argyle, Aubrey, Crossroads, Hickory Creek, Providence, Savannah, Flower Mound, Bartonville, Copper Canyon, Gainsville, Corinth, Decatur, Bridgeport, and surrounding areas. Our number is (940) 566-3232.


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