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Poor Posture

Hunch Back, Poor Posture, Need Help!


A problem that we are constantly seeing in the United States today is the consequence of our unnatural habit of sitting for most of the day. It does a great deal of damage to our spine and posture. Many of our patients commute to work sitting in their car for up to 60 minutes just to go sit at a desk for 8 hours and then  have to return home sitting for another 60 minutes. It is common to spend many hours at a time in the seated position while working at a desk, using a cell phone, iPad, or laptop. Even when many of us are standing we are still looking down at our phones. Just last week I drove by a high school bus stop and every single one of the 11 young adults were looking down at their phones. This problem is seen in all age groups, races, and genders. It takes effort to overcome the results of continued poor posture. This "hunched over" lifestyle causes straining on the neck, shoulders, headaches, back pain, and eventually degeneration (which is a nice way of saying the beginning stages of osteoarthritis). We all know loved ones that suffer from arthritis, and the pain/stiffness that it causes. We don't want that to be you!

A few ways to combat this epidemic are simple, get up and move!

      Set an alarm on your phone or computer for every 45 minutes or an hour. Get up and get a glass of water, walk down the hall, go to the restroom, or stretch. Don't just put your arms over your head and sit back down, ACTUALLY move around and get that blood flowing. Your mind and body will have more energy, and function well with our friend oxygen. 

      Set up your work station for good posture. Make sure your screen is at eye level. Sit up straight. Have your knees at the level of your buttocks. If possible get a desk that can change to a standing desk. 

The chiropractors in our office not only use a multitude of styles of adjusting, but they also use different types of therapies to address the postural changes that often walk into our office. They use stretching, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, vibration therapy, and physical exercise therapy. They have studied the different combinations of therapies to help you to achieve your health and posture goals.

The benefits of good posture will improve your health, lifestyle, and quality of life. Good posture alleviates chronic neck and back pain, reduces migraines or headaches, promotes weight loss, strengthens your core, reduces muscle spasms, increases oxygen intake, improves digestion, boosts confidence, and gives you energy.

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