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Sports Injury

Effective Sports Injury Pain Relief at Our Denton Chiropractic Office

Injuries to athletes are common and with proper chiropractic care can not only be treated but can in some ways be prevented.  Chiropractors can be found on staff for nearly every NFL team at this point because of the advantages that can be gained from proper spinal alignment and health.  Multiple athletes including Usain Bolt, Jerry Rice, Michael Jordan, Troy Aikman, and Jordan Spieth have attributed their athletic success to their chiropractors.  Athletes throughout the world understand that with proper spinal alignment and joint health, their bodies can perform at their very best.

 Athletes in different sports usually present with different injuries and ailments. Runners often times have knee, ankle, and foot problems from all of the stress they put on them. Basketball players generally have shoulder and knee problems from all of the jumping and shooting throughout a season. Tennis players have tendonitis issues with elbows and shoulders from the repetitive swinging motion. Football and Rugby players have problems everywhere but mostly in the knees and spine.

The goal of the Chiropractor is to align the joints so that they work properly.  There are 24 moveable segments in a spine. When the segments don’t move the way they are supposed to, whether they are misaligned or simply not moving like they should, the athlete cannot perform the way that their body was designed to and performance suffers.  Imagine that Usain Bolt is having an ankle and a knee that are only moving at 80% of the normal range of motion for those joints due to arthritic changes or restrictions. He would still be very fast but he would be slower right? Have you ever had a tire out of alignment on your car? The car will sometimes pull one way and sometimes cause the car to shake and eventually will wear out unevenly and blowout.  Imagine trying to have the fastest car in a quarter mile.  If the tires were out of alignment even just a little that car is not going to be as fast as it would be otherwise.  The human body is the same way. The differences seen in athletic competition between the winner and the losers can be very small. A winning hundred meter dash can be by 1/100th of a second faster than second place but that tiny amount of time is the difference in being glorified as the fastest man in the world and being worth millions of dollars in endorsements as well as being a common household name worldwide.  Do you remember who took second or third in the 100 meters at the 2016 Olympics? Neither does anyone else. 

There are thousands of articles and medical literature discussing the relationships between chiropractic adjustments and athletes. There is not a drug or medicine anywhere in the world that can re-align a spine or joint.  The Medical Doctors play an important role in sports injuries but the Chiropractic Doctor can do as much if not more for not only the weekend warrior but the top performing Olympic athletes as well.  If you want to be your best, see our Chiropractors and get adjusted! Call now at 940-566-3232.