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Whiplash is an injury to the muscles and ligaments of the neck that occurs when a head is jerked front or back unexpectedly. This “whipping” motion strains the muscles and the ligaments of the neck because they are pushed past their normal range of motion. People most commonly associate whiplash with auto accidents, however, it can be caused by a multitude of events. Roller coasters, amusement rides, falls, head injuries, and even being struck in the face can all be causes of whiplash injuries. After a whiplash injury, you will often feel neck pain, soreness, stiffness, and often headaches. Most people believe that this soreness will “go away” if you wait long enough. Often medical personal will prescribe muscle relaxants to help with the muscle spasms, and painkillers to relieve the pain. You might then feel better, but the pain and stiffness may come back several days, weeks, or even months later when not treated properly. Without treatment, your body will heal using a scar tissue that is not elastic in nature like that of healthy tissue. Therefore in future incidents the scar tissue will not stretch like normal tissue but will tear causing a re-injury. Another problem that might arise from untreated whiplash is post-traumatic degeneration, better known as early onset arthritis caused by a traumatic event. That is why it is so important to not ignore your pain in hopes that it will eventually go away. Call us immediately if you are suffering a whiplash injury from either a car accident or other event. Our professional Chiropractors have treated thousands of whiplash injuries and can help you. Contact us at 940-566-3232.

Common symptoms of whiplash include; neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, blurred vision, difficulty swallowing, irritability, fatigue, dizziness, pain between the shoulder blades, pain in the arms, nausea, ringing of the ears, and vertigo.